EXCLUSIVE: 80 current Skype Platform Bugs, the complete list

The Skype Developer Zone currently lists a total of 80 Skype Platform Bugs. As we go through the list, we see that some are Unresolved, some are being worked on, some have been fixed and a few of the reported bugs are by design.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

The Skype Developer Zone currently lists a total of 80 Skype Platform Bugs. As we go through the list, we see that some are Unresolved, some are being worked on, some have been fixed and a few of the reported bugs are by design.

I wonder how many of these are familiar to our Skype-using readers out there.

To find out, let's queue up the list.

Here's the 80 Skype Platform bugs currently being reported:

  1. Extras can run without paying no matter of their licensing type
  2. Skype mutes Volume (wave) with every call
  3. Extras manager doesn't update extras information as often as it could/should
  4. Extras Manager does not load a Java application that was packaged using the Publishing Studio
  5. Tools>Do More often does not display the Extras
  6. "Checking for available licenses" message when attempting to launch Extras
  7. No games channel in the EM
  8. Local audio stream and remote audio stream in a call are not synchronized on Windows Vista system
  9. Forwarded_By not available for SkypeIn Calls?
  10. Can not add User based licenses
  11. Licence issue: sea battle does not open
  12. CLONE -Not possible to sort Featured extras
  13. I get the buy message on a free plugin
  14. Getting "corrupt files" messages
  15. AP2AP API connection error (bad connection ID returned)
  16. Conference issue
  17. usb audio device problem with later windows versions.
  18. DBUS connection stops when issuing many API calls
  19. Hebrew characters in the contact name are in reversed order
  20. GET USER <username> PROPERTY doesn't work
  21. get profile pstn_balance
  22. Skype improperly throttling bandwidth to 1kBps
  23. Skype sporadically crashes when using AppleScript API to answer a Skype call
  24. Truncation in Frn 'Buy Now'
  25. Number of people voted for an extra is always 0
  26. Games: No indication that a user has declined my invitation
  27. Error 3 with the new PS
  28. Dominos shutting down soon after start
  29. Description is cut in the Extra's downloading window
  30. Enable buttons dont reply on the Extra dialog.
  31. Plugin manager: Long description text without spaces is truncated in the description area.
  32. Starting PamFax results in EM error
  33. Data losses/transformations when sendind data over app2app connection.
  34. some API calls not working with os x
  35. Missing transfer status events
  36. Holding a one-way video call returns vssPaused on resume, for a client with no camera
  37. Language property of the Conversion class not settable
  39. Skype4Com, resetting AudioIn and AudioOut
  40. [MAC] changes in API access will only take effect after restarting skype
  41. Problems with the App2App
  42. Cannot set the second audio device
  43. About Call_Transfer issues
  44. Under Skype4Com, cannot distinguish a contact with "," from 2 contacts
  45. problem on DTMF transmission
  46. API: btn_yes causes popup message in case of invalid speeddial
  47. Skype voice quality issue when transfering
  48. Cannot attach a second application to the API
  49. Mac API Bug - Can't start chat with user...
  50. Showing PM connections in API ACL
  51. API: DBus App identity only checked by name
  52. CONNSTATUS LOGGEDOUT notification missing on Linux
  53. SMS.setReplyToNumber always returns an error
  54. Empty Product List
  55. The audio device list in windows2000
  56. Error: "Unable to Initialize DRM Service"
  57. Time based licenses don't expire correctly
  58. Skype crash
  59. NotAssignedException when adding Skype application running on different windows user
  60. Latest SkypePM does not release binary resources of extra after it is terminated
  61. Call Forwarding to a +990 number has a 15 second delay
  62. Call from internet application in the microsoft HTA container
  63. Old/Corrupt files on machine are preventing the testing of new Extras
  64. Mismatch in Extras category lists
  65. Skype4COM through Publishing Studio/Extras Manager
  66. About call_forwarding issue
  67. Bluetooth Skype Phone with Skype 2.5/2.6
  68. CLONE -Can't add in "skype-plugin:open?id=(sparc id)" to Download URL section of Extras Gallery
  69. Games: User receiving "Failed to make a purchase: you were not charged" message whey trying to buy a game
  70. Old Extra List
  71. User List H-type sample in SDK doesn't load properly
  72. Extra is started in a non-allowed country
  73. Spelling error in SDK
  74. can't use Skype.getProfile().setCountry() and Skype.getProfile().setCountryByISOCode()
  75. Memory access issue with applet, Mac OSX
  76. invalid assert in ConnectorStatusEvent
  77. Incorrect timeout handling in Win32Connector.connect(int)
  78. Incorrect operation in Win32Connector in method connect
  79. Illegal Chat Message Type: EMOTED
  80. race condition with variable status in com.skype.connector.Connector

Any of these look familiar? The DevZone link at the top of this post will take you to a page with a chart noting the status of each bug.

Do any of you have more Skype Platform Bugs to add?

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