FAA to study airplane electronic usage, thankfully won't consider voice calls

The FAA has heard the vocal opinions of mobile devices users and will setup a study to evaluate the use of mobile devices at different stages of your flight. Voice calls are not being considered and should NEVER be allowed.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

It looks like the FAA is reconsidering the ban on mobile devices being on during flights and is assembling a government-industry group to study the issue. Thankfully, the study will NOT consider voice calls on flights. I don't need to hear the life story of the idiot who doesn't understand the public doesn't want to hear their conversation and get enough of this inconsiderate behavior during my daily commute.

As you know you are currently told to turn off all portable electronic devices before takeoff. I completely understand phones, tablets, and computers, but this ban doesn't make much sense for an eInk reader that doesn't use any power unless you are turning pages and doesn't emit any signal if WiFi is off. I try to always comply because there is no reason to risk your safety or those of others to keep a stupid device turned on. With the proliferation of mobile devices it is good to see the FAA is at least taking a good look at what, if anything, can be safely used on plans and when they can be used during the flight.

The study group will be formed this fall and work over the next six months. The FAA stated they may not make a widespread policy, but leave it up to airline carriers and operators. This seems like it would cause more confusion as people fly different carriers, sometimes even during the same trip.

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