Facebook adds Mobile Referrals to App Insights

Facebook has added a Mobile section under the Traffic area of the main Insights dashboard. Developers can now see which Facebook mobile social channels are driving traffic to their app.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook has launched a new Mobile Referrals dashboard to help you, the developer, understand the traffic your app receives from Facebook mobile sources and thus be able to optimize distribution via Facebook's mobile social channels. To view this new information, you must be an Admin, Developer, or Insights user (go to your main Insights dashboard (facebook.com/insights) or access Insights within your app settings (developers.facebook.com/apps) => Traffic => Mobile).

The graph above shows the breakdown of app referral sources.

  • Feed: Referrals from Feed are triggered by publishing via Open Graph, Graph API, or using the Feed Dialog.
  • Timeline: Referrals from Timeline are mobile app referral clicks that come directly from Timeline as a result of publishing content as noted above.
  • Notification: Referrals from Notifications are triggered via sending Requests on Mobile Web, iOS, or Android.
  • Bookmark: Indicates the number of clicks to your app via Bookmarks. Bookmarks are automatically displayed to the user within Facebook once they login to your app. This list of bookmarks is in sync across desktop and mobile so the apps you use most frequently are there when you want them.
  • Search: Indicates the number of clicks to your app via direct Search.
  • Unknown: Referrals may be marked as Unknown when your app receives traffic from or redirects users back to certain Facebook endpoints. If you see a high number of Unknown referrals, make sure that your app never redirects users on mobile devices to apps.facebook.com.

You can also view graphs that show the breakdown of mobile referrals from various devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, m.facebook.com) and a demographic breakdown of the mobile referral data (age, gender, language, and country).

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