Facebook engagement is like e-mail (infographic)

Marketers should remember this. Consumers subscribe to your e-mails lists to get discounts, promotions, and exclusive content. Facebook users Like your Pages to get discounts and promotions.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

The reasons consumers Like your Facebook Page and the reasons they subscribe to your e-mail list are pretty similar. While you definitely can't apply everything you know about e-mailing your customers, there is some overlap, especially when it comes to things you shouldn't do.

The findings come from a new study conducted by market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey and engagement marketing firm Constant Contact. They surveyed 1,481 U.S. consumers 18 and older in Q4 2011 using a 15-minute online questionnaire.

Here are the top 10 findings (from the PowerPoint presentation embedded above):

  1. Despite the widespread use of mobile devices, most people still primarily access e-mail from their computers.
  2. While 30% of consumers access Facebook from a mobile device some of the time, most still prefer their computers.
  3. Relationships with an organization and a strong subject line are key to getting e-mails opened.
  4. Marketers need to take advantage of best practices like not sending too much to cut through the clutter of e-mails.
  5. People sign up for e-mail lists to deepen their relationships with you and to get discounts, promotions, and exclusive content.
  6. Consumers primarily Like Pages for discounts and promotions.
  7. People opt-in to e-mail and Facebook for similar reasons.
  8. Over-emailing and irrelevant content are the top reasons people unsubscribe from mailing lists.
  9. Producing content that is no longer relevant to your audience and over-communicating drives both Unlikes and e-mail unsubscribes.

If you prefer the more visual version, here's an infographic:

In short, remember to treat your consumers well and they will do the same for your business.

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