Facebook: Flash still outperforms HTML5 on video

Facebook posts a zinger of a line in a blog post today that goes to the heart of the Adobe-Apple dispute over the use of Flash.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

In a blog post on Tuesday morning around Facebook's efforts to implement HTML5 technology into its mobile offerings, the company had one line that stood out from the rest: While we tested this new player on other mobile browsers, we found that Flash still outperformed their HTML5 video implementations.

The player the company is referring to is a new HTML5 video player that supports high-definition H.264 video for iPhone and iPad users. You'll recall that, back in the Spring, Apple CEO Steve Jobs penned an open letter that explained his company's decision to avoid using Adobe Flash on its mobile iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

In a nutshell, Jobs called Flash--among other things--a "closed system" that has "one of the worst security records" and "has not performed well on mobile devices".

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