Facebook launch Ph.D fellowships to 'fix the social web'

Facebook is offering $30,000 towards research funding for Ph.D students to help them tackle the most challenging technical problems of the time;
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor
Facebook has today announced the launch of the Facebook Fellowship Program, aimed at Ph.D students for this academic year to help solve some of the challenges which face the social web.

The landscape of the social web and social networking is changing day by day, and soon we may not be able to recognise what was once a simple to-and-fro communications system. The next generation is being called in to help the social networking site to create a more dynamic and better functioning service, along with tackling other challenges that the computing industry faces.

Students involved in computer science, computer engineering, system architecture or similar areas are eligible for this fellowships, and those with backgrounds in Internet economics, social computing, data mining and information retrieval are just some of the areas of interest to the social networking site.

This fellowship will fund the academic research being conducted by the student, though won't involve employment of the student, but will assist in their research. Facebook, along with Microsoft, are focusing on the academic community to work together in solving the technical challenges presented to them in this ever developing industry.

Ph.D students studying at a US university who qualify can apply for one of five available fellowships which will include a $30,000 grant, tuition fees paid for, and travel remuneration along with other benefits.

February 15th is the deadline for applications for fellowships.

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