Facebook: Lifestyle apps on Timeline are taking off

Facebook has released early results for seven of the new Open Graph apps for the social network's new Timeline profile: Pinterest, Pose, Fab.com, Artfinder, Rockmelt, Foodspotting, and Foodily.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook today shared some early results for some of the new Open Graph apps the company launched for its new Timeline profile last month.

Facebook says "lifestyle" apps in particular are already seeing increases in traffic and engagement happening more broadly for companies of all sizes. Large firms have been able to scale and re-introduce their products to new audiences while startups have seen a lot of discovery and growth, allowing many companies to double the size of their userbase in weeks. Today, Facebook has shared some results from the latter group:

  • Shopping and Fashion:
    • Pinterest: Since launching their Open Graph integration less than a month ago, the number of Facebook users visiting Pinterest every day has increased by more than 60 percent. The virtual pinboard site has made it fun and easy to share the items you've pinned and follow the boards of people you find interesting.
    • Pose: The fashion trend and style discovery app has seen a five-time increase in daily web signups for their website and mobile app by helping people share the different products they like with their friends.
    • Fab.com: The design shopping site and mobile app has seen a 50 percent increase in traffic from Facebook as a result of their social shopping Timeline app and live feed implementation.

  • Entertainment:
    • Artfinder: The art discovery and collector site has seen a 60 percent increase in time spent on the site by new visitors from Facebook by giving people a way to share art with friends.
    • Rockmelt: Rockmelt users are adding 14 new articles every day through the social browser, driving 20 percent new traffic and new users to the site.

  • Food:
    • Foodspotting: The food finding and sharing app has seen a three-time increase in number of visits and activities shared by helping people share the dishes they want, try, and ate with friends on Facebook
    • Foodily: The foodie and recipe site has seen a four-time increase in new users by allowing people to share what they crave and are cooking.

"These apps have a few things in common," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "They're built around something people care about and identify with, they enable people to share things they want their friends to see, and they provide easy ways to control the social experience. For these apps, every person can share their activities with their friends on Facebook, starting a loop that drives discovery for new users and re-engagement for existing users."

Music apps like Spotify, Songza, and Deezer are seeing dramatic increases in sharing and music discovery. People have shared more than 5 billion songs through these apps (but this we actually learned last month), and their availability has increased from eight to 50 countries.

Last month, Facebook started rolling out Timeline to all its users. This was a week after the company announced the new set of Open Graph apps from 60 new partners, which are designed to help you discover what your friends are currently doing, beyond the fact that they just Like something.

At the time, Facebook said it planned to have all actions previously submitted approved "within the next month." The social networking giant has approved hundreds of new actions since opening up the platform and is continuing to review developers' submissions.

Menlo Park wants each user's activity, both online and offline, to be documented on their Facebook Timeline. These apps play a big part in that: adding an app means it will update your Timeline for you whenever you do a given activity.

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