Facebook lists six steps for building a connected brand

Facebook wants you to go social and so it has listed the six steps for building a connected brand: articulate, connect, engage, influence, integrate and rejuvenate. Are you going social?
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook has listed the process the company believes are required for marketers to create a connected brand. It really doesn't surprise me that it takes more work, even according to Facebook, to go social. Then again, if you do it right, the advantages are great (from something as simple as higher engagement to something as exciting as going viral).

Here are the six steps:

  1. Articulate: Define the brand's social identity so you communicate in a unique, compelling, and authentic voice.
  2. Connect: Find you best and most likely customers and give them a reason to like or follow you in social channels.
  3. Engage: Interact with people by making brand communications and content more personally relevant and participative.
  4. Influence: Inspire and enable people to share stories and messages about your brand.
  5. Integrate: Build social into the brand and product experience to make it more cohesive and useful.
  6. Rejuvenate: Use insights from social channels to continuously monitor your brand's health and improve the brand experience.

"People are increasingly relying on their friends to learn about brands, make purchase decisions and engage with brands in social situations," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "These conversations about brands are happening in social channels all the time. To make sure your brand is guiding that conversation and taking advantage of the opportunity to deepen relationships with your customers, you must build a connected brand."

Last month, Facebook released two blueprints for helping businesses become more social. The company also commissioned a study showing how firms want to be more social, but are having trouble executing.

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