Facebook now suggests people to subscribe to based on your Likes

When suggesting users you should subscribe to, Facebook is not only considering their subscriber count, how many of your friends are subscribed to him or her, but also what Pages you Like.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook has started suggesting users you might want to subscribe to based on which Facebook Pages you currently Like. They appear under Subscribers, in a box on the right-hand side titled People To Subscribe To. My box currently shows random recommendations, but others who have Liked more Pages, will also see recommendations for users based on them, according to Inside Facebook.

If, for example, you Like a company's Page, Facebook may recommend you subscribe to the company's CEO. As you can see in the image above, Facebook will still take into consideration how many subscribers the individual has as well as whether or not your friends are subscribed to him or her.

Heron's profile shows the total number of her subscribers but no information about friends, presumably because the user has no mutual friends who are currently subscribed to her. Keller's profile meanwhile shows that one friend is subscribed but doesn't display the total.

This recommendation list has the potential to boost the subscription count for many people on Facebook. More importantly, it will accustom users of the social network to subscribing to people they may be interested in, but who they aren't exactly ready to Facebook friend.

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