Facebook opens fall 2011 submission round for PDC program

Are you interested in joining Facebook's Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) program? Now is your chance, though you should know that the selection criteria is strict and the acceptance rate is low.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook has announced the opening of its fall 2011 submission round for joining its Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) program. To get started, fill out this form: PDC application. Submissions are due by 5:00 PM PST on December 6.

Facebook is asking for submissions to be as detailed as possible since the company has very strict selection criteria in order to keep its acceptance rate low. If you don't have a strong existing portfolio of demonstrated excellence in social app and tool development, Facebook recommends that you wait to apply until your track record is more established.

PDC is a worldwide program, with about 90 members around the globe. Most have been using the Facebook Platform since it launched, with focus on integrating Facebook Pages, Open Graph, Insights, Ads, and mobile. They typically have a long track record of providing Facebook-centric services to business of various sizes before successfully joining the PDC program. All are also adept in understanding the Platform policy and development tools.

Facebook is often contacted by brands, celebrities, companies, and organizations looking for the best resources to start building an app on Facebook.com, optimizing a Facebook Connect integration, or building a Facebook Page. The point of PDC is to provide a directory of companies who have a history of creating flagship apps, will help you get started, employ best practices, and enhance existing experiences.

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