Facebook phone by BlackBerry -- wouldn't that be fun?

Facebook is looking to mobile to help it shake the slide in stock price since the IPO. A Facebook BlackBerry wouldn't likely stop the slide, but would be fun to watch.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Facebook and RIM are two companies that can't catch a break lately. The abysmal performance of the Facebook stock since the recent IPO coupled with the rumors that insiders had information that predicted that lousy performance keep dogging Zuckerberg and pals. RIM's troubles just keep getting worse, especially given its terrible financial picture recently.

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CNET's Molly Wood correctly pegs Facebook's biggest problem - mobile. The Facebook apps on the major mobile platforms have been terrible (to be kind), and Facebook knows it must break into mobile to have a chance going forward. Wood even believes failure to do so could put the entire Facebook nation into dire straits.

The constant discussion about an impending Facebook phone produced by the company give legs to the rumor. Even though the concept has been tried unsuccessfully before, the Facebook phone rumor keeps raising its ugly head for consumers to like or dislike.

If Facebook is determined to make a phone in partnership with an industry player, wouldn't it be fun if it went with RIM? The Facebook BlackBerry could leverage RIM's excellence in messaging and break Facebook into the mobile space with panache.

It probably wouldn't have a chance in the highly competitive mobile space, but it would sure be fun. Industry watchers could spend time predicting which would fail first -- the Facebook phone, Facebook stock price, or RIM. Good times.

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