Facebook pulls Page supporting accused cop killer

Facebook has removed a Page that supported alleged cop killer Jamie Hood.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

The Athens-Clark Police County Department in Georgia recently decided to create a Facebook Note to aid their search for cop killer Jamie Hood. It is titled "Jamie Hood Can Arrange to Turn Himself In by Calling 911 or 706-546-5900, has been Liked by over 100 users, and includes the following description:

Several friends and family members of Jamie Hood have told investigators that Mr. Hood would turn himself in, but he fears that law enforcement will kill him instead of allowing him to turn himself in. This is simply not the case: all of the law enforcement agencies searching for Mr. Hood are trained to use deadly force only in response to life threatening resistance. Jamie Hood can arrange to turn himself in without fear of bodily harm by simply calling 9-1-1 or 706-546-5900.

Soon after the Note went up, a Facebook Page was created in support of Hood, who surrendered late Friday. Over the weekend, the Page became the target of controversy and of course quickly became popular. Nearly 2,000 people Liked it before Facebook took it down, according to My Fox Atlanta.

It appears that Facebook decided the Page broke its Terms of Service, not to mention it was also probably drawing attention away from what the police was trying to achieve on the social network. The company recently decided against taking down a different Page that has also caused quite a stir.

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