Facebook saw record number of unique US visitors in July 2011

Facebook's number of unique US visitors is still growing, according to July 2011 data from comScore.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Contrary to previous reports suggesting that the number of Facebook users in the US is decreasing, the latest data suggests the number of unique US visitors to the social network is still growing. Facebook actually saw record traffic in terms of US unique visitors last month, according to comScore.

Facebook saw 160.9 million unique US visitors in June 2011, and the data point grew to 162.1 million unique US visitors in July 2011. Although this number fell a bit in February 2011 (the shortest month of the year), it has still been growing ever since.

As you can see in the chart above, Facebook is fourth in the US. As of July 2011, the social networking giant is still behind three other technology giants: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Facebook has never released country-specific or region-specific data for its service. All such numbers are estimates by third-parties. The only official statistics we have are the social network's total user base (750 million users as of July 2011) and the number of people using Facebook from mobile devices (250 million users as of March 2011).

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