Facebook student 'in control': says 'no thanks' to Facebook promo

One savvy Facebook student is showing she is "in control" in a way that may get Facebook's attention.
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
In “Facebook to students: Zuckerberg and VCs are “in-control,’” I put forth that turnkey online “protest petitions” did not dampen Facebook’s determination to further scale and monetize Facebook.

One savvy Facebook student, however, is showing she is “in control” in a way that may get Facebook’s attention: college senior “Laura” says “no thanks” to Facebook’s co-promotional blitz with Chase Bank at her blog in an aptly titled post, “Now Facebook Wants My Credit Card Number”:

I got my credit card bill yesterday, and it was probably the funniest I’ll ever receive… From the “Credit Essentials from Chase” flyer included with the bill:


Chase is excited to announce the +1 program, a totally new way to hook up your friends, your community, and yourself.

+1 is about being a part of something. Connecting with others, to do what you do even better. And there’s no better place for that than on Facebook.

What goes around comes around. As part of the +1 program, you can earn Karma Points (like reward points, only better) for things you do, buy, and learn. For example:

  • Get your friends to join the +1 group. Get Karma Points.
  • Learn even more about credit on Facebook. Get Karma Points.
  • Give Karma Points to your friends or your community. Get more in return.
  • Find out about more ways to earn Karma Points in the +1 Group.

The +1 Group on Facebook. Here’s where you put your Karma Points to work. Share them to surprise a friend. Pool them with your roommates. Hook up your favorite charity, or start something brand new.

Get great gifts. Give back. Get involved. It all comes together when you join the +1 Group on Facebook. Empowered by Chase.

Um. Thanks, Facebook and Chase, but no thanks.

One student "protesting" Facebook via her real world wallet may have a greater impact than thousands of virtual "petition signatures."

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