Facebook to launch music service at f8 next month (rumor)

The latest Facebook music service rumor suggests that the social network will announce the new feature at its f8 developer conference on September 22.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

During CNBC's Fast Money Halftime Report report today, technology correspondent Jon Fortt said he has been told Facebook's long-rumored music service is finally going to be announced next month. More specifically, he said it will be unveiled at Facebook's f8 developer conference, which will be taking place on September 22, 2011. The news was also posted on CNBC's Twitter account: "Facebook To Launch Music Service Sept. 22 #Facebook @Facebook #itunes."

"Scott yes indeed next month is going to be a big one for music," Fortt said according to an unofficial CNBC transcript. "I'm hearing from someone familiar with the plans that Facebook plans to launch its long rumored music service at the f8 conference on September 22nd. Now, it seems likely that Facebook won't actually host the music, but will partner with others who do that. But Facebook to launch their music platform at the f8 conference on September 22nd."

We've heard this "Facebook Music" talk many times before (one, two, three). In fact, speculation was further fueled by indications of a "Facebook Vibes" product (likely a codename) in Facebook's own code just last month.

It's very unlikely that Facebook will launch its own music service. Instead, the company will partner with music streaming firms. Spotify has been talked about a lot, but I'd be willing to bet that Facebook will also partner with others (as we've heard before), such as Rdio and MOG. Facebook may even have different partners for different regions.

Officially, Facebook has simply said it will explore the following topics at this year's f8:

  • New Products: We have some exciting product announcements that enable a new class of social apps
  • Building Social Apps: Engineers and entrepreneurs share their best practices and strategies for building great social apps
  • Open Q&A: Facebook's engineering and product teams answer your questions

When the f8 conference was officially announced last week, here is what I predicted:

It's hard to say what exactly will be revealed this year, but many believe there could be a big focus on music. At the same time, there is also talk of new Like button functionality, which would obviously interest developers. See the links below for more information, including rumors and speculation.

Again, today's tidbit is still just a rumor, but it's yet another source suggesting something that has been discussed widely for many months. At this point,  the social network will probably announce some type of music-related product at f8. Despite the likelihood though, it's important to remember that nothing has been confirmed.

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