Fake: Daughter responds to father shooting laptop over Facebook!

After a video of a father shooting multiple bullets into his daughter's laptop because of a post she made on Facebook went viral, others are trying to take advantage of his new-found fame.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

The video titled "Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen." went viral last week as it showed father Tommy Jordan shooting multiple bullets into his daughter's laptop because of a post she made on Facebook. The YouTube video has over 24 million views, while Jordan's original Facebook post has some 82,000 Likes and over 25,000 Shares.

World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) today posted a video titled "Daughter Responds To Father Shooting Laptop Over Facebook!" that claims to be a response to the original one. This video, embedded above, is fake.

The "daughter" in question doesn't look 15-years-old, her accent doesn't match her father's, and her story just doesn't add up. The dildo on the bed in the background is a nice touch though.

The video has the following description: "Daughter goes off about father shooting her laptop and tells him that she shot up his truck." It was uploaded by a user who goes by the name "blackberrymafia" and has also been posted on YouTube and other websites by many more users who all use the same description.

Don't believe me that the video is fake? You can compare the aforementioned woman to Jordan's actual daughter, Hannah, for yourself on Facebook. Furthermore, this impersonation is not the only one, as Jordan himself says. Here's a warning he sent out via his Facebook profile:

For the record: None of the "other" Facebook pages are me or my family. NO, I'm not hosting online chat sessions. Neither is my family.

I'm sorry it's come to this, but now we have impostors, duplicators, and hundreds of other issues to handle that we can't avoid or handle.

On the advice of our attorneys, we're issuing blanket copyright statements across the board and warnings to everyone who's tried to impersonate any of us or duplicate ANY of our online content. This isn't because we wanted to.. it's because some idiot(s) pretending to be me or my family members has been online chatting with people, uploading videos pretending to be me etc... if ONE of those sets off a spark of rage, then I've got some gun-toting idiot stalking my house and trying to cause harm to my family because of something they're convinced I've said. This has to stop.

So, if you've been illegally duplicating the video, take it down. If you've put up a Facebook page that pretends to BE me, take it down. Otherwise, the lawsuits start tomorrow morning.

I'm NOT talking about those who have either fan or hate pages. You guys are entitled to your own opinions and I wont try to censor you. If you hate me bad enough to make a page about it, that's your right. I don't like it, but... well, I said what I did online and now I have to deal with the repercussions.

However, trying to impersonate us, or duplicate copyrighted material is a Federal Offense (not state) and is punishable by both jail time AND a $250,000.00 fine PER INCIDENT... so if it's that important to you to do what you're doing.. just know that the attorneys are HAPPY to sue on our behalf just to collect their share of the fines. The attorney prosecution starts tomorrow at 8 AM. You've got 12 hours to take it all down.

And to the guys posting all our personal information on Pastebin... they're dying to get their hands on you! That breaches MULTIPLE federal laws. You're on the top of the list.

And to those who are pissed because the copyright statements are on the video and it's been monetized.... well, I've got to pay for the attorney's somehow. Get over it.

If you actually do want an update on the father-daughter story, Jordan has posted updates. The former Marine wrote on his Facebook profile that Child Protective Services officials came to his home and separately interviewed him and his daughter after viewers of the video called with concerns about his actions. He said the police also stopped by; officers supposedly told him "kudos, sir" and "thank you." Authorities have said are no laws against what Jordan did, so they will not be investigating the matter.

For his part, Jordan said he does not regret making the video and stands by his decision to post it. Furthermore, he said if he had to do it again he would. In the meantime, Jordan has been using his new-found fame to promote products, his business, and to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

His daughter, meanwhile, is probably doing her best to stay out of the limelight. That won't be easy, especially as at least one business (Morgan's Dairy Bar) has offered her a job in response to her father's viral video.

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