Fake Jacko movie tries to recruit zombies

Michael Jackson is the latest celebrity to be exploited by hackers, in a hoax which tries to gets users to download a Trojan horse
Written by Dan Ilett, Contributor

Hackers are pointing users to a phoney video of Michael Jackson to coax them into downloading a Trojan horse.

The movie, which hackers posted links to on newsgroups, supposedly displays Jackson performing "un-natural acts" with a boy, reported antivirus firm Sophos.

But instead the link opens a Web site that automatically downloads a Trojan horse called hackarmy, which allows hackers to enter a back door to infected computers.

"There's no real movie here, just a Trojan that allows hackers to access your computer," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos

"It supposedly gives you pictures of Michael Jackson doing bad things. There's a real danger that people are getting their news from gossip groups like these and not from proper news sites."

One of the messages that linked to the file read:

Michael Jackson Home Movie Horror
Message body:
Posted here are the pictures that are going to put Michael Jackson behind bars for a very long time. Disturbing stills taken from the home movies shot by Mr Jackson are now circulating the net. In these pictures here, it can be clearly seen that Mr Jackson is performing un-natural acts with the boy in question."

The messages have come at a time when Jackson is seeking to ban an Eminem video that shows Eminem dressed as Jackson jumping on a bed with boys. In the video, Eminem's plastic nose falls off and his hair catches fire.

Earlier this week, hackers tried a similar trick with a photo of David Beckham, which downloaded the same Trojan, distributed by the Hackarmy. Hackers have also used photos of Osama bin Laden and Britney Spears to perform similar tricks.

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