Famed scripter: Comcast lied to my wife about Vonage

WangScript has long had a reputation as a key script for Internet Relay Chat. So it stands to reason that its author "Wang" is certainly no tech newbie.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

WangScript has long had a reputation as a key script for Internet Relay Chat. 

So it stands to reason that its author "Wang" is certainly no tech newbie.

Just today, Slash-dotter kdawson made a post in which fellow Slash-dotter jehnx links to a two-month-old Wang post about what Wang calls lies that Comcast told his wife about the quality of Vonage service.

Here's Wang's post: 

Today my wife received a phone call from a Comcast representative who had called to promote their new 'Comcast Digital Voice' service. For those who aren't familiar, Comcast Digital Voice is Comcasts' new VOIP service which they have released to compete with Vonage, skype, etc.
Ordinarily, we don't mind Comcast calling us from time to time with new offers (we are existing Comcast Cable/Internet customers) - but this call was different. This call left us feeling incredibly annoyed with Comcast. Why? Because Comcast told us LIE after LIE to try and convince us that we should sign up to Comcast Digital Voice.
I am writing this article to raise awareness of the BS that Comcast is telling it's customers.

We have been using Vonage as our phone service provider for over 6 months. Vonage costs us a flat $24.99 a month, and it allows us to call anywhere in the US or the UK for free (other European countries are also free now). The call quality is good, and we have never had any problems with our service. The first thing that the Comcast Representative told us was the price of Comcast Digital Voice - $34.99. My wife immediately told the representative that we were not interested, as we already have Vonage and only have to pay $24.99 for it. The Comcast rep then proceeded to tell LIE after LIE in an attempt to convice us that Vonage was not as good as Comcast Digital Voice.

Next, Wang posts what he considers Comcast's lies about Vonage.  

  1. Telling us that Vonage only worked when our PC was switched on.
  2. Telling us that Vonage only worked when our PC was switched on.  
  3. Telling us that Vonage leaves us insecure on the Internet, to the point where people on the Internet can listen in on our phonecalls!

There were more, but those 3 were our favourites...for the following reasons:

  • We are talking to the Comcast Representative using our VONAGE phone! We could hear her perfectly, and she could obviously hear us! The Vonage line quality is usually very good, and our family in the UK have even commented on how clear the line is when we call them from the US.
  • We were talking to the representative using our Vonage phone line...and our PC was off! It is a complete LIE to tell people that Vonage only works when their PC is turned on.
  • We are technical people, with backgrounds in IT security. We are fully aware that there are always risks when you connect a device to the Internet...but it is complete nonsense to tell us that anyone can listen in on our Vonage calls just by connecting to us over the Internet. For the record, our Vonage box also sits behind a hardware firewall/router.
Then Wang summarizes his impressions of the call, and what he is planning to do about it.
It was clear that the Comcast representative had no idea what she was talking about, and was most likely reading from a list that someone had provided her. At this point, my wife told the Comcast representative to stop wasting our time and to get her facts straight before making such ridiculous and unfounded claims.
I am just amazed at the lengths Comcast will go to in order to discredit their (lower priced) competitor. Imagine how many people would be scared into using Comcast Digital Voice because Comcast makes them believe that Vonage is insecure + only works when your PC is turned on (i'm sure we all have non-technical family members who would not know any better than to just believe Comcast).
We have already emailed Vonage to let them know what Comcast is doing, and we have emailed Comcast customer support to complain too.



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