Faulty MacBook Pro surfaces in Australia?

After months of usage the battery casing "swells up", causing unexplained shutdowns.
Written by Jeremy Roche, Contributor
Faulty MacBook Pro

There's early concern some MacBook Pro users could be suffering the same fate as their American counterparts -- after months of usage, unexplained shutdowns would occur.

The problem reared its ugly head recently when ZDNet Australia sister site CNET.com.au noticed that battery power on its 15-inch MacBook Pro -- acquired late-February -- was dramatically reduced for no reason.

Despite being fully charged, the notebook could only last under 15 minutes on the battery. Rather than providing up to 4.5 hours of battery life (Apple's stated lifespan for the 15-inch model), the MacBook Pro began to randomly shut down.

The outer casing of the battery pack had swelled up to the point that the notebook was exposed to dirt.

Apple Australia has yet to acknowledge the issue but advises concerned customers to contact the company at 133 622 or visit an authorised repair centre.

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