Faux Pas 2.0: Things to avoid in the tech workplace

Gallery: A selection of the most common faux pas' involving technology and the workplace... and usually your Facebook too. Plus, Dan Schawbel's new book offers a much needed insight.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Social media is a force for good and it can be used to propel your name and therefore your personal brand for every corner of the web to see. If you have something good enough to share, people will take notice.

But as a younger generation - let's be honest now, we're not very good at it.


Dan Schawbel, of which we have come together on his blog before, has a new book out which you should take a look at. The new revised book called 'Me 2.0' will show you how to turn your online social media outlets into a means for bettering your name as your brand, and making you more employable.

I very rarely plug anything that comes my way, but Dan is a world leader in helping the Generation Y be perceived in the best possible light, using the latest social media tools and networks available. We're all on Facebook, but Twitter and LinkedIn for example can offer so much more to your online portfolio.

This book covers the things you would never have thought of, and will cause you to double-take on your own online life and kick you into the motivational gear we have all needed for some time now. Anyone studying the Generation Y, social media and modern communications, or brand and career management at college should add this to their reading list.

As I was flicking through, the Generation Y focus is undoubtedly huge. It also struck me as to how many times I have slipped up, screwed up and shot myself in the foot by using social media against myself.

So instead of crying and moaning about it, or doing a little song and dance which would inevitably deepen my already socially awkward levels, I threw together a few powerful, thought provoking images on the other side of the fence.

Gallery To see a list of the top faux pas with social media, and being in the techy workplace, head on over to the gallery, with pretty images and explanations of how to avoid slipping up and making everyone feel awkward.

What techy faux pas are you guilty of? Step into the confession booth...

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