FBI nab cyber-extortionist who sought $3 million from NY insurance firm

David Letterman faced a 2 million dollar extortion attempt in October of last year. Chump change for some criminals.
Written by Doug Hanchard, Contributor

David Letterman faced a 2 million dollar extortion attempt in October of 2009. (update: CBS News reports Extortionist plead guilty today) Chump change for some criminals. Anthony Digati, 52 of Chino California thought he could do it via an on-line website that starts out with a demand of $200,000 against an insurance company. If the company didn't comply, he would publish the site and demand $3 million.

The FBI stated in a press release that Digati has been charged with one count of extortion through interstate communications. Should he be convicted, Digati could face a maximum sentence of two years in prison plus fines.

Highlights of the press release included the following information that was to be included on the website.

a. These things, unless you honor the below claim, WILL HAPPEN on March 8, 2010.

b. As you have denied my claim I can only respond in this way. You no longer have a choice in the matter, unless of course you want me to continue with this outlined plan. I have nothing to lose, you have everything to lose.

c. My demand is now for $198,303.88. This amount is NOT negotiable, you had your chance to make me an offer, now I call the shots.

d. I have 6 MILLION e-mails going out to couples with children age 25-40, this e-mail campaign is ordered and paid for. 2 million go out on the 8th and every two days 2 million more for three weeks rotating the list. Of course it is spam, I hired a spam service, I could care less, The damge [sic] will be done.

e. I am a huge social networker, and I am highly experienced. 200,000 people will be directly contacted by me through social networks, slamming your integrity and directing them to this website within days.

f. I think you get the idea, I am going to drag your company name and reputation, through the muddiest waters imaginable. This will cost you millions in lost revenues, trust and credibility not to mention the advertising you will be buying to counter mine. Sad thing is it's almost free for me!

g. The process is in motion and will be released on March 8th, 2010. If you delay and the site goes live, The price will then be $3,000,000.00.

The New York based Insurance company and its board are not named in the press release. And you thought denial of service attacks were bad. I wonder what the 88 cents was for.

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