Feds pour it on - Add 8 more counts on H-1B case

An 80% increase in indictment countsBack in February, we reported that the U.S.
Written by Brian Sommer, Contributor

An 80% increase in indictment counts

Back in February, we reported that the U.S. government was going after a firm for violations in the H-1B visa program. At that time, Vision Systems Group was tagged with a 10-count indictment. Apparently, that has been updated to an 18-count indictment. Computerworld has more on the case.

The Feds will likely make a point with this case and pursue many others in the near term. While the economy has contributed to a marked decrease in H-1B visa applications, prospective employers of these individuals have to be taking more time ensuring that their visa processes, documentation, etc. meets both the letter and spirit of the law today.

As before, this case will be one to watch.

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