Feed the world as you surf the Net

Charity and commerce come together in a bid to feed the world's poor
Written by Rachel Munro, Contributor

Non-profit-making site www.feedyourworld.com is a cunning marriage of charity and commerce designed to let people raise money for the world's poor while surfing the Net.

Funds raised by clicks on the site go straight from the advertisers to the World Food Programme (WFP), which is the United Nation's frontline hunger relief agency. As users browse the site, they can click on the country of their choice, and half a cup of food will be donated to someone in that country. Information is provided on natural disasters and wars in each country, so the user can make an informed decision on which country to favour.

The programme is maintained solely through advertising revenue -- each page on the Web site features one banner ad. These ads rotate, allowing visitors to the site to make multiple donations. Each "donation" is recorded along with clicks on all other countries/regions in the site. This information is sent to the WFP on a weekly basis, enabling them to allocate funds in proportion to the donations received per area.

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