FimFum releases app to show, pause, and talk on videos without sending

Snapchat-like FimFum brings privacy to video, and encourages instant feedback, without sending large files over the internet.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

New York-based FimFum has launched its video showing app which enables social video sharing without sending the video across the internet. This app enables users to control the video without releasing it online.

When you share a video on other services, you send that video to someone directly. This means that the video is no longer private. It is exposed to the world, is sitting on servers somewhere, and there is no longer any control.

FimFun claims that it makes video social. Users can show video, pause, talk over, and watch the same frame with their connections, getting an instant reaction.

You control the showing of the video. You and your connections can pause and talk to each other for instant feedback. You do not have to send them the large video file -- which allows you to control where your video goes.

The app is easy to use. To start a video show, tap the recipient, tap the media, and start the show. While watching, you can fast forward, rewind, and pause the video. You and your connection watch the same frame at the same time.

The viewer does not have a copy of your video. It plays only in memory and then it "dissolves." It is never stored on the viewer's device.

Using the tap to talk feature during the video lets you comment while watching for instant feedback. The app works across a good internet connection, and mobile data plan.

JJ Astro, CEO FimFum said: "With FimFum we created a new way to share video, making it social through video showing.With our unique patent pending technology, no other app offers user controlled interactive social video showing."

While currently aimed at the consumer, teenage, and education markets, the app also has great potential for other verticals. Adult entertainment could add a pay wall to the app so users can get just in time, live video with conversation that can not be passed on to others.

Enterprises can share video marketing beta videos for feedback and testing. The sports industry could release snippets of up and coming devices, gadgets, and tools. The possibilities go far beyond the current consumer-based approach.

Sexting videos to your partner using this app can also guarantee that the video you sent in a moment of madness, never goes anywhere after you have showed it -- a relief for anyone who regretted their impulsiveness as soon as they pressed send.

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