Firefox 29 gives Mozilla's browser a major makeover

New-look tabs and menu plus additional customisation gives Mozilla's browser a new look.
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

Mozilla has unveiled the latest version of its Firefox internet browser, with an emphasis on customisation and cross-device syncing.

Jonathan Nightingale, VP of Firefox at Mozilla, said Firefox 29 – which is available to download now - is the "biggest update in a while" for the nearly decade old browser, featuring its new Australis user interface.

The design is closer to Chrome than previously; redesign of the browser tabs makes means that tabs not in use fade into the background so they are less of a distraction (the downside is it also makes them harder to see). And a new Firefox menu in the right-hand corner puts all the most used functionality – such as new window, print, history and find, all in one place.  The menu includes a "customise" tool that allows users to add or move any feature or browser add-on, while bookmarks can be created with a single click. Firefox retains its seperate search box however.

The Firefox Sync service, which is powered by Firefox accounts, allows user to keep the same browser set up on different devices, sharing browsing history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data across PCs and mobile Android devices.

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