Firefox 3.6 upgrade or not?

My most used extensions won't work with Firefox 3.6. No upgrade for me.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Firefox 3.6 has just been released (see the Mozilla website for more info). Since I use that browser on all of my systems, I thought I'd check into what I'd gain and what I'd lose if I upgraded.  Sure enough, nearly all of my extensions, extensions that allow me to edit posts for Virtually Speaking among other tasks, won't work with this new version.  I've found the same thing was true the last two or three times updates were issued by these folks.

I really don't care how much faster this new release is if I can't do the things that I need to accomplish.  So, I'll wait until the extensions are updated.

Before you download and install this update, it would be wise to check out what will work and what won't. If your most-used extensions are not yet available (and they may never be available unless the developers change them) you may not be happy after you install the new release.

Mozilla, you have a large enough installed base and a rather large portfolio of extensions and themes for your Web browser that you'd better start thinking about version-to-version compatibility.  Google, Microsoft and others want to take your installed base away from you. Why are you helping them?

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