Firefox 41 arrives, adding instant messaging and personalisation tweaks

Latest version of the browser arrives for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices.
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director
Image: Mozilla
The latest version of the Firefox browser - Firefox 41 - has been released by Mozilla for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

The new release includes updates which allow users to personalise their Firefox account, so they can share web browsing data such as passwords, bookmarks, history, and open tabs across their desktop and mobile devices. It also lets users add a photo to their account.

Firefox Hello Beta - the communications system built into Firefox and developed with Telefónica - now has the ability to send and receive instant messages during a video call in Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Other upgrades include enhanced IME support on Windows (Vista and onwards) using Text Services Framework. SVG images can be used as favicons, and Mozilla said Firefox 41 also has an improved box-shadow rendering performance.

The Android version of the browser includes new features, such as the ability to search using different providers from the search panel, swipe-to-close tabs on tablets, and improved bookmark management with duplicate bookmark detection.

According to Mozilla, more than 450 million people use its browser, and according to NetMarketShare, it has around a 12 percent share of the desktop browser market, behind Internet Explorer and Chrome. More details of the new version of Firefox can be found here and the download is here.

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