First Australian iPhone 7 owner 'disappointed' by lack of iPhone 7 Plus

After queuing for 46 hours, Australia's first iPhone owner takes home two devices that were his second choice, saying he wouldn't have bothered if he knew beforehand.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor
(Image: Dave Cheng/CNET)

A group of school students chanting "one dream, one team" were the first customers in Australia to get their hands on the new iPhone 7.

Lining up alongside the Apple Store on George Street in Sydney since 10am on Wednesday, one of the young men got his hands on the first two devices, telling ZDNet he will "keep one and sell one".

Despite his elation, he said he did not get his first-choice device, receiving two matte black iPhone 7s rather than the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

"I really wouldn't have lined up if I had of known that," he said.

"There's nothing they could do, it's not the store's fault, it was Apple's fault."

The customer said he was only told last night that he would not be walking out of the store with the larger device that would have provided him with "better Snapchat" capabilities.

When asked why he chose to buy one outright rather than going through a telecommunications provider, he said that this way he can control his spending.

Across the road at Telstra's Sydney store the small line had subsided, with the first person to lock himself in to one of the incumbent telco's iPhone 7 plans holding a sleeping bag in one hand and his new device in the other.

Purchasing the iPhone 7 smartphone outright from Apple will set customers back AU$1,079 for the 32GB model, AU$1,229 for the 128GB model, and AU$1,379 for the 256GB model; while the iPhone 7 Plus costs AU$1,269 for 32GB, AU$1,419 for 128GB, and AU$1,569 for 256GB from Apple.

ZDNet compiled Telstra, Optus, Vodafone Australia, and Virgin Mobile pricing earlier this week, with the cheapest option to purchase a AU$62, 300MB plan through Virgin Mobile.

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