First Ubuntu Linux tablet: Aquaris M10 ready to buy now, first deliveries 'mid-April'

Spanish hardware maker BQ has opened up shop for orders of its Ubuntu-powered 10.1-inch tablet, the Aquaris M10.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The Aquaris M10 tablet can also run as a full PC when linked to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

Fans of Ubuntu Linux can now place pre-orders for the Aquaris M10, a tablet that can also be a PC.

Nearly two months after Canonical announced the Aquaris M10, the first official Ubuntu tablet is available for pre-order through the online store of its Spanish maker, BQ.

The company is taking orders for the cheaper €260 ($290) HD display model and the €300 ($336) Full HD display version. Would-be buyers who place an order now will get a 10.1-inch display tablet running Ubuntu 15.04 as well as a cover and screen protector.

The Ubuntu-powered device can be used either in tablet mode or, when connected with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, can run as a full PC.

In PC mode, it can use the tablet's display or a larger display connected to the device's Micro HDMI port, which is similar to Microsoft's efforts with Continuum.

The HD version, available only in white, has a screen resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels at 160 pixels per inch (ppi), while the Full HD version, which is available in black, has a resolution at 1,920 x 1,200 pixels at a respectable 240ppi.

Besides the display resolution and case color, both devices' components are identical, featuring a 7,280mAh battery, an eight-megapixel (MP) main camera, and 5MP front camera.

There's not much internal storage available, and the 16GB built-in space is reduced to 11.2GB after factoring in the operating system. However, the microSD card slot supports up to 200GB additional storage.

The devices both share the same 2GB RAM and an up to 1.5GHz MediaTek quad-core CPU with a MediaTek GPU.

Canonical has long pursued the goal of one OS for all devices, and the new tablets round out that effort.

According to BQ, deliveries of pre-order tablets will commence in the second week of April.

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