First Windows 11 preview builds arrive for 2023

Microsoft releases its first Windows 11 previews to the Dev and Beta channels in 2023.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer
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Image: MoMo Productions/Getty Images

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25272 to the Dev Channel as well as a new Windows 11 preview for the Beta Channel.

The new Dev Channel build doesn't include any major changes but does remove a few experiments Microsoft has tested with some users for the past month. 

In build 25247 from November, Microsoft tested a new suggested action that suggested searching for copied text in Edge. It also started showing recommended common websites based on the user's region and browsing history to speed up access to those websites. 

These features have now been removed in line with Microsoft's condition for the Dev channel that features tested there may never make it beyond into the mainstream. 

Microsoft has also changed how users install and update Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). It removed the "inbox" version of WSL from build 25267 from mid-December. In November, when WSL reached version 1.0, Microsoft made WSL from the Store the default experience for users.     

Microsoft notes that when users install a build with WSL removed, they will need to update to the latest WSL version as per this GitHub post to ensure WSL continues working.  

"Once you have done that, WSL will continue working on subsequent build updates. In future builds we're looking to have this done automatically," the Windows Insider team notes in a blogpost

Microsoft has also released Windows 11 preview builds 22621.1095 and 22623.1095 (KB5022364) to the Beta Channel. 22621.1095 has new features while build 22621.1095 has new features off by default. 

One notable change is the search box in the Start menu has rounded corners to align to the look of the search box on the taskbar. 

It also moved Quick Assist out of Windows Tools so it displays directly in the Start menu's All apps list. This should make it is easier to find, according to Microsoft.

The update also includes fixes for build 22623.1095 to Start, the taskbar and system tray, and a long list of fixes for the Task Manager tool for inspecting Windows processes. Fixes for both 22621.1095 and 22623.1095 address glitches in the search box on taskbar, as well as fixes for some crashes and the performance of animations and transitions. 

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