Fitbit releases OS 3.0 for Ionic and Versa: Enhanced smartwatch features and new apps

Fitbit continues to actively support and update its two smartwatches with the release of Fitbit OS 3.0. In addition, new major apps and advanced developer tools have been released.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Fitbit Versa, see our full review, is a very popular wearable for the masses while the Fitbit Ionic meets the needs of runners and bikers with its integrated GPS receiver. Starting today, these two smartwatches will see an update to Fitbit OS 3.0 with improved sleep and exercise views, while water intake and weight logging is supported right from the watch.

The goal-based exercise modes, seen first in the Fitbit Charge 3, will also appear on the Versa and Ionic. These modes include the ability to set exercise goals for calories burned, distance covered, and time. More real-time stats are also going to be shown to users.

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Ten new brand apps will also appear soon in the Fitbit App Gallery for these two wearables. The first apps to be released are Achu Health, Couch to 5K, Genius Wrist, and MySwimPro. Others coming in early 2019 include FitBark, Gold's Amp, Mindbody, Noonlight, and TRX. These apps cover health, fitness, smart home, and lifestyle brands.

As we go through the winter season when illnesses often strike, it will be interesting to see how Achu's illness prediction technology functions as it evaluates potential illnesses using data synced from the Fitbit.

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A new Fitbit Exercise API and other developer tools are also available so we will hopefully continue to see new apps appear for these wearables to extend their functionality and capability. Fitbit stated that there are more than 44,000 developers for Fitbit OS. One new app that has a timely release is Alpine Snow. With this app, you can wear your Fitbit on the mountain to track distance traveled, number of runs, speed, altitude, weather conditions, calories burned, and heart rate. Snow skiiers should have a blast tracking the details of their adventures.

Fitbit will also soon be introducing trends in the female health tracking functionality. As we approach the new year when people start setting annual fitness and health goals, the timing for this release is perfect.

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