Five must-have iPhone apps for your next Disney trip

If you've got kids and your planning a trip to Disney World don't forget to pack these four must-have Disney apps.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

http://www.versaedge.com/iphone/screenshots/wdwwaitpaid2.jpgGot kids? Love Disney? If you answered yes, then I've got a couple of iPhone apps that you may want to bring along on your next trip amusement park hopping.

Disney World Wait Times (App Store, $0.99, pictured) - Think of this one as a crowdsourced cheat sheet that conveniently displays the wait times (in minutes) for all the major attractions in the four main Disney parks. Don't forget to do your part and submit updated times when you're in-park.

WDW Magic Kingdom Mini Guide (App Store, $0.99) – Map your exact location within Magic Kingdom via this helpful GPS-enabled app. I use this mostly for its maps, but it also includes brief descriptions of each attraction (including riding restrictions) and an icon for rides that accept FastPass. Basic dining info is also included but I rely on Disney World Dining (next) for that.

Disney World Dining (App Store, $1.99) - can be dicey. For example, did you know that there are are only four restaurants at Magic Kingdom that have full table service? It's true, so either get this app, or get in the buffet line. You can also use it to review menus and maps. My recommendations for dinner are the Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom and Biergarten in Epcot.

WDW Secrets Gold (App Store, $1.99) – Over 200 theme park secrets and fun facts are compiled into this app and organized into an interesting guided tour with pictures. Bonus: find the 80 hidden Mickeys.

Similar GPS-enabled map apps are also available for Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM), Animal Kingdom and DisneyLand, although I had trouble with the Epcot Mini Guide, the GPS kept flipping out and my location was erratic on-screen.

Bonus app: Before you leave for vacation I recommend that you also spring for Postage (App Store, $4.99) which allows you to create, email and share beautiful custom postcards using the iPhone's camera.

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