Five years ago: 200MHz Pentium appeal no match for Pentium Pro

200MHz Pentium systems are dribbling out the door as UK corporate buyers succumb to the persistent wooing of the Pentium Pro, according to PC vendors.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"The sales of the 200MHz Pentium are not tremendous," said David Matthews, desktop product marketing manager at Dell. "The lead time for chips is only about five days and, quite frankly, that's not a problem at the moment. The [corporate] people who are looking for a top-performance system we are steering towards the Pentium Pro because our customers are looking for longevity and that means 32-bit computing. Even in consumer environments, the movement is towards 32 bits; we're seeing a dramatic increase in demand for Pentium Pro."

"The role for the 200MHz Pentium will come when Intel cuts out the 100MHz and 133MHz Pentium and lets the price of the 200MHz fall."

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