Five years ago: Compaq shears notebook prices, adds 150MHz model

Compaq has significantly cut prices on its notebook family. Compaq reduced its Armada line by up to 30 per cent and also introduced a new 150MHz model
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

Compaq sheared prices on its Armada 4100, Armada 1100 and LTE 5000 lines. The Armada 4110 100MHz Pentium-based notebook with 8Mb RAM and 810Mb hard drive fell from £2,340 + VAT to £1,650, a drop of about 30 per cent. A 100MHz Pentium-based Armada 1120 with a similar specification fell from £1,350 + VAT to £1,200 + VAT. In the LTE 5000 range, the 120MHz Pentium-based LTE 5280 with 16Mb RAM and 1.35Gb hard drive fell from £3,750 + VAT to £3,000 + VAT.

Separately, Compaq launched the LTE 5400, a 150MHz Pentium-based notebook with 16Mb RAM, 512Kb cache, 2.1Gb SMART (self-monitoring) hard drive, 12.1-inch TFT screen and intelligent management technology. The device costs £3,700 + VAT and is available now.

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