Five years ago: Hitachi rockets DVD into mass production

Hitachi says its GD-1000 internal DVD-ROM drive is ready to enter mass production
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

First published 13 January, 1997

The GD-1000 drive has a 4.7Gb capacity using single-layer, single-sided DVD disks, and that will grow to 17Gb capacity using dual-layer, double sided DVD disks and focus-jump pickup technology.

The device has a 256Kb buffer and can reach sustained transfer rates up to 1,380Kbits/sec at an average access time of 190ms. It can read CD-ROM disks at up to eight-speed (1,200Kbits/sec) with an average seek time of 150ms. Burst transfer rates up to 16.6Mbits/sec are possible with PIO Mode 4. The drive will not read current CD-R disks due to the shorter wavelength laser used in DVD drives, said Hitachi.

"Pricing is currently being discussed with OEMs," said Deborah Scott, Hitachi's marketing communications controller. "I don't want to put a date on [shipment], but the drives are being evaluated by OEMs and customers at the moment."

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