Five years ago: Intel steers for 60fps with graphics RAM plan

Intel said today its new nDRAM system memory type will prime PCs for 60 frames per second video by the end of the century
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

First published on 20 December 1996

nDRAM, so called because it is a new version of DRAM, will cost the same as 100MHz synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) when it goes into production at the end of 1998, said Danny Sabour, product marketing engineer for Intel architecture: "The aim is for nDRAM to have twice the performance of 100MHz SDRAM at a cost parity with that technology."

"The next battle for the desktop PC is in arcade games, workstations, quality video and 3D graphics," said Sabour. "Based on achieving that by 1999, and if you want 60 frames a second video, you're asking the system to deliver 3Gb a second. The technology also has to upgradeable. [nDRAM] is the beginning of the next generation."

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