Follow the 2014 Sochi Winter Games action on your mobile devices

Given the time difference in Russia, US viewers will be seeing time-delayed coverage. You can follow the action a bit closer with your mobile device using these applications.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Follow the 2014 Winter Games action from Sochi on your mobile devices

The XXII Olympic Winter Games begin this week with preliminary rounds of some sports starting tomorrow and the opening ceremony on Friday. Given the nine hour time difference in Sochi, Russia, from Eastern Standard Time, most content on TV in the US will be tape delayed. If you want to watch some live events or are a cable-cutter like me then you can look to your mobile device for your Olympic coverage.

NBC Universal is covering the Olympic Winter Games and they have apps for most mobile devices, as I list below. Keep in mind that a majority of the live streaming content will require you to be a cable or satellite customer. Samsung is also an official sponsor and has some enhanced Android apps that work on more than just their own Galaxy line. Let’s check out some of the apps for the different mobile operating systems and enjoy the Olympics.

iPhone and iPad apps

The latest and greatest apps usually come to iOS first and here are some, with iTunes links, to consider for the Winter Games.

  • NBC Sports Live Extra: The official app is focused on providing video coverage of the event. You can use it for streaming live events, setting reminders for your favorite sport, and replaying events you missed. It is ad-sponsored so you will see some at the bottom.
  • NBC Olympics Highlights and Results: This is the kind of application I will likely use more than streaming video where you can easily view your favorite sports and check out the results, latest news, videos, medal counts and more. It also serves as a second screen experience when you are viewing nightly NBC coverage.
  • Sochi 2014 Results: This app is purely for those who want the stats and to see competition results, medal counts, and athlete profiles. You can also setup your own coverage schedule.
  • Sochi 2014 Guide: This application is designed to aid those who might actually be at the Winter Games or who want to find out a bit more about the venues.
  • 2014 Team USA Road to Sochi: This app covers Team USA and gives you information on how the athletes made it to Sochi, including Olympic and Paralympic competitors.

Android devices

Many of the same iOS applications are available on Android, with the addition of Samsung special Winter Games apps.

Windows Phone

I couldn’t find as many apps for Windows Phone, but the core NBC Sports one is there along with a couple others.

BlackBerry 10

I could only find one legitimate app for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games for BlackBerry 10, but at least it looks to be on of the better ones.

  • Sochi 2014 Guide: This app looks great for those at the Winter Games, but has limited functionality for those trying to follow from outside Russia. There are links to the YouTube channel and other browser-based sources too.

Windows 8.1

Like Windows Phone, there doesn’t seem to many dedicated apps for Windows 8.1 tablets. Then again, you can always use the web browser to visit NBC Sports and other websites covering the Winter Games.

  • Olympic Viewer - Sochi 2014: This application is focused on providing you with video highlights and given the time difference in Russia it may be perfect for spending a few minutes catching up on all the latest action.
  • Bing Sports
  • Olympics 2014: This looks to be one of the better Windows 8 apps with photos, YouTube video channel, venue info, full athlete profiles, schedules, and more.
  • Winter Olympics 2014: This is the only paid app I included in this reference list. For $1.49, the app provides the event schedule, history and details of the events, along with support for those at the Winter Games who need tickets or are staying in the area.

If you do a search of your favorite app store then you will find many more apps and services for the Winter Olympics. Your web browser may support live streaming as well. If you find any other particularly good apps then feel free to share with others in the comments.

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