Forget about difficult Surface Pro repairs, Microsoft Complete coverage is just $99

iFixit released their Surface Pro teardown yesterday and some people were fired up about the difficulty opening and accessing the computer. Microsoft offers complete coverage, including accidental damage, for just $99 for Surface Pro buyers.

Forget about difficult Surface Pro repairs, Microsoft Complete coverage is just $99

Yesterday we saw iFixit release their Microsoft Surface Pro teardown and they talked about how it has the worst tablet repairability score ever. It blows my mind how much Microsoft was able to pack into the Surface Pro and I doubt few would ever even try to crack it open for repairs.

The difficulty in repair has some people up in arms questioning why in the world they would pay $900+ for a Surface that may be rendered useless if they dropped it or spilled something on it. However, as one of the few lucky 128GB Surface Pro buyers, I can recommend you simply pay the $99 for the Surface Pro Complete warranty. This is especially recommended if you plan to carry your Surface Pro around all the time like I do.

The Microsoft Complete for Surface warranty gives you an extended warranty and support service for two full years. The protection covers your Surface even if you have an accident, such as a drop or spill. Given the difficulty likely present, as shown by iFixit, you will probably just get a replacement device if you break yours. If you look at the details of the plan, you will see that a defective battery, bad pixels, internal overheating, and more are all covered.

For comparison, the MacBook Air protection from Apple (for a similarly priced device) is priced at $249. The Apple plan covers your device for three years. The plan for Apple computers DOES NOT cover accidental damage. The iPhone plan, AppleCare+, covers accidental damage and costs $99, plus $49 for each damage incident.

You can purchase Microsoft Complete when your buy your Surface or within 45 days of your purchase. I purchase these for devices that I carry all the time and pay big bucks for (non-subsidized smartphones and laptops) and peace of mind for $99 is a great deal.

Microsoft Complete for Surface is only available from the Microsoft Store website when purchased in the same transaction as a Surface device. Hardware coverage is described in the Smartphone plan online at The terms of the two year premium technical support are available at The terms of the two year premium technical support are available at and both sets of terms are available from an associate in store.

UPDATE: The fine print on the Microsoft Complete order page (above) is important to read since it states you have to buy the Surface Pro from the physical Microsoft Store or online. It doesn't sound like people who buy the device from Best Buy, Staples, or elsewhere may be able to get the coverage. A reader stated they may cover it, but that you have to bring the Surface Pro into a Microsoft Store to verify its condition.


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