Quit rates to rise at companies that don't support remote work in 2022: Forrester

Forrester predicts that 60% of security incidents will involve third parties in 2022.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Analysts with Forrester are anticipating an increase in quit rates among companies that do not support remote work, according to a new set of 2022 Predictions released on Tuesday. 

Forrester suggested that the 30% of companies that don't support remote working will see monthly resignation rates rise to as high as 2.5% in 2022. 

Analysts also predicted that companies would increasingly fill in gaps caused by government inaction. 

Forrester envisions a situation in 2022 where the "10 big mainstream brands" will make changes to how they function in an effort to appeal to the 50% of US adults who "will regularly make purchases from brands that align with their personal values."

"In 2022, customer demands -- for seamless cross-channel experiences, inclusive user experiences, and brand commitment to ESG values -- will only grow stronger," Forrester explained. 

"Several mainstream B2C brands will act like never before in responding to politicized issues in order to improve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments."

While companies have long focused on facilitating digital transformation within their walls, Forrester is anticipating a shift to a more "creativity-fueled transformation" in 2022. 

The analysts suggested that "future fit firms" will look to expand efforts beyond digital transformation toward initiatives that meld CX and EX. 

According to Forrester, about 10% of leaders in the tech industry will also move toward investing in strategic partnerships and innovation "at 3x the rate of competitors," according to Forrester. 

In 2022, Forrester said it expects $10 billion to be spent on designs that focus on accessibility, leading to increased interest in vendors and services working in the sector. Out of fear of lawsuits, CX teams will "ratchet up accessibility and privacy investments."

"Two years of tumult driven by the pandemic have led to an even more uncertain reality filled with escalating customer and employee expectations," said Sharyn Leaver, senior vice president of research at Forrester. 

"In 2022, the need for these leaders to act quickly and intelligently in the moment has never been more critical. Creativity, resilience, and agility -- fueled by greater customer understanding and smarter technology investments -- will ultimately separate leaders from laggards in this new era, regardless of their industry."

When it comes to cybersecurity, Forrester predicts that 60% of security incidents will involve third parties. Along the same lines, the analysts said it will become even more important next year to invest in people, processes and technology as a way to protect against incidents. 

Forrester also suggested changes are coming to B2B marketers, which they said would adopt an "always-on" digital engagement strategy due to the prevalence and persistence of digital engagement in 2022. 

Marketers will also rely more on automated solutions next year. 

"While marketing technology will encompass 25% of marketing budgets, 75% of efforts to create automated, personalized engagement won't meet ROI goals because of inadequate buyer insights," Forrester said. 

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