Free BeOS 5 is yours--if you can get through

Be releases its new media OS for free download - but don't expect to get your copy without a fight
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

The eagerly awaited latest version of Be's desktop operating system was made available for free download Tuesday.

But throughout the day, strong demand for BeOS 5 Personal Edition made it almost impossible to gain access to any of the company's FTP or mirror download sites.

Since the company announced in January that it would be releasing a free version of the OS, with new audio and video manipulating capabilities, 100,000 people have pre-registered at the BeOS Web site.

Users who eventually manage to get through to the download site will be able to launch the operating system simply by clicking on a desktop icon. BeOS is stored as a file within Windows, and no hard drive partitioning is necessary.

Be will also launch a full-featured edition of the OS, BeOS 5 Pro Edition, with additional applications. It will be available through third-party vendors.

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