Free PDF download: Tech Budgets 2018, a CXO's Guide

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic examines how IT budgets will change in the upcoming year as many companies focus on digital transformation. Download it as a free PDF ebook.
Written by Amy Talbott, Contributor
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As we head into 2018, ZDNet and TechRepublic teamed up to do their annual look at the state of IT funding, and how that money is likely to be spent in the year ahead. This special report, Tech Budgets 2018, a CXO's Guide, contains budgeting advice for business leaders and original research on where CXOs are spending their money.

The pursuit of digital transformation is changing spending priorities, so TechRepublic's Conner Forrest examined what that shift looks like in three different organizations: the city government of White Plains, NY, the Dallas Stars NHL team, and the San Diego Tourism Authority.

An infographic from Tech Pro Research contains the results from a survey of IT professionals about their organizations' budgets for the upcoming year. While most respondents to this year's survey said their company's IT budget will increase, the number of respondents who felt that executive leadership views the IT budget with the same level of importance as other departmental budgets was down significantly from last year's survey.

TechRepublic writer Mary Shacklett predicts that in 2018, tech leaders will face a higher level of scrutiny when presenting budgets. In this report, she shared eight tips on how to be prepared for tough questions during budget season.

To read these articles and others, download the PDF here: Tech budgets 2018: A CXO's guide.

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