Free talk time minutes on Tata Telecom for watching mobile ads

Over the past few months, Tata has been pushing their TataSky Mobile aggressively in India. Now, in a bid to lure even more customers, they're offering free talk time minutes by simply watching mobile ads.
Written by Nitin Puri, Contributor

Tata Telecom is offering free talk time minutes for subscribers who simply watch mobile ads, reported The Times of India.

Its mobile advertising platform, called GET, is available with both Tata Telecom brands and networks, and works on the Android, Blackberry, Java, and Symbian platforms. It can also be accessed over Wi-Fi and Tata Docomo Internet.

The incentive for Tata Docomo enabled users is a free minute of either local or national talk time, per advertisement viewed on their device, for both pre-paid and post-paid customers. Furthermore, users opting for the service will not be charged for data while using Tata Docomo Internet. 

Tata Telecom is the first mobile operator in India to launch this application on both CDMA and GSM networks, it claims.

As a previous Tata Indicom CDMA pre-paid customer, I was more than impressed with their network coverage and low tariffs. Network coverage was a priority for me, and their CDMA network has better coverage than conventional 2G or 3G networks, especially in buildings, offices, and underground. Tata Telecom has also always had some of the lowest tariffs across India, but for some reason, hasn't seemed as appealing to consumers as other Indian mobile operators. One of the reasons is that customers on the Tata Indicom CDMA network have previously had to use handsets meant specifically for their network, that is, locked devices.

TataSky Mobile appears to be great product launched in India. As a TataSky DTH customer at home, I'm inclined to sign up with Tata Telecom once again so I can watch movies and television on the go, while earning free talk time minutes by viewing mobile ads. Hopefully now Tata Telecom also has a better lineup of handsets to offer, which I would assume so in order to properly buffer and view video.  Previous CDMA handsets were basic and too small to watch video, but then again, that’s expected for a device costing only 1,200 Indian Rupees.

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