Free wi-fi for Scottish market town

Trial to boost rural tourism?
Written by Neil Vowles, Contributor

Trial to boost rural tourism?

A small market town in the Scottish Borders is to offer free wi-fi across the whole of its town centre.

The technology is being brought to Jedburgh, 10 miles from the English border between Newcastle and Edinburgh, by Thus.

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The teleco will be offering the rural community free and open access wi-fi for an initial 12-month trial.

It is hoped the scheme will attract business travellers and tourists and raise awareness of local services and attractions, most notably the town's 12th century abbey and what claims to be the oldest working hotel in Scotland.

The programme is part of Pathfinder South, aimed at increasing broadband use in rural areas of southern Scotland, and was co-ordinated by the Scottish Borders New Ways Partnership and Jedburgh Alliance.

George Burt of Jedburgh Alliance said in a statement: "We are confident that the trial will be a boost for tourism and for the many small and diverse businesses which are the fabric of the economy in rural communities."

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