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Technology, it appears, is all in the mind.Think Wikipedia is all fun and no work?
Written by Vivian Yeo, Contributor

Technology, it appears, is all in the mind.

Think Wikipedia is all fun and no work? This week at the iX2006 conference, we heard companies talk about how they've adopted Wikis to enhance information and knowledge sharing. The BBC, for instance, creatively used the popular free-to-edit encyclopedia to explain corporate policies.

Over at wireless and human resource (HR) applications provider hSenid, the Wiki helped in the development of commercial software such as open-source application OrangeHRM, said Dinesh Saparamadu, the company's CEO.

A Wiki was linked to the OrangeHRM Web site, and that helped to gather feedback from all over the world, a visibly pleased Saparamadu added.

And if your boss says Skype can't be used in the company because it's got security issues, Juniper Network's director of emerging technologies in the Asia-Pacific region Simon Newstead declared Skype as "important peer-to-peer traffic" within the enterprise, in one of the closing presentations on Thursday.

On the topic of security and trustworthiness, president of the Australian Computer Society Philip Argy also would like business folks to re-engineer their minds. More specifically, he urged them to channel their obsession with cost savings to that of lowering risk.

The calls to action have been made. Will businesses bite?

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