Fujitsu-ICL will badge Wyse thin client

Fujitsu-ICL is to supplement the thin client deluge via an OEM deal with Wyse Technology.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The Japanese giant will re-badge Wyse's Winterm thin client, calling it the ErgoWin, in a deal expected to be worth about £500,000 a year. The Winterm runs Windows programs hosted on an NT-based WinFrame server using an X Windows-like protocol. Systems will be offered with 14-inch or 15-inch screens.

"Fujitsu-ICL were looking for solid thin clients and we've been producing Winterm since November 1995," said John Cummins, Wyse director of marketing. "They've clearly got a good line of NT servers and Winterm is a good way of deploying Windows clients."

Cummins said that the NC debate was fostering sales of Wyse products. "It's almost like the renaissance of text terminals. You get the central security and management ... but you can deploy it in a Windows environment."

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