Fujitsu launches three-way system attack

Fujitsu has launched a three-pronged attack on the UK market with 24 desktop PCs and new notebooks and servers.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The ErgoPro desktop range includes both entry-level and high-end business systems. The ErgoPro e 452/120 (£1,040 + VAT) is an entry-level 120MHz-based Pentium model with 8Mb EDO RAM, 850Mb hard drive and 14-inch monitor. At the high-end, the ErgoPro xs 453/200s (£3,290 + VAT) is a 200MHz Pentium-based PC with 32Mb RAM, 3.2Gb hard drive, 4Mb WRAM Matrox Millenium graphics card, 16-bit audio, built-in Fast Ethernet, eight-speed CD-ROM drive, internal SCSI CD-R drive and 17-inch monitor. All 24 models are available now.

The Lifebook range of notebooks will include 120MHz, 133MHz and 150MHz Pentium-based models and will be available in early December. Prices and specifications are yet to be confirmed. The products will be Fujitsu's first in the A4 category.

Fujitsu today also extended its Teamserver range of servers with the 200MHz Pentium Pro-based C640I and G640i. In early 1997 Fujitsu will ship the J600I, a new rack-mounted model in the Superserver range.

Fujitsu can be contacted by telephone on 01344-475555.

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