Full360 delivers intelligence in the cloud

Originally focused on Hyperion consulting, the New York integrator specializes in cloud-delivered business intelligence and enterprise performance management.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

I've been slowly working my way through the elite Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting partner list to acquaint myself with the integrators and cloud brokers that are dedicating a serious portion of their business to the platform.

One of the most specialized partners I've encountered so far is Full360, which is a leader in deploying and managing business intelligence applications that live inside the cloud.

Its specialty is helping companies get all sorts of data warehousing and analytics solutions up and running quickly -- whether it's for a long-term need or to help offload procesesing while a company is working on some sort of related deployment, upgrade or migration.

One example: Full360 helped one of the largest airlines in the United States get compliant with its Oracle implementation, when the company discovered it was behind the eight-ball. Within days, the team was able to get an Oracle production environment up and running in the cloud, which it used to start supplementing its internal migration project, said Eric Valenzuela, a Full360 solution manager and member of the company's founding team. Within three months, Full360 was able to bring the airline back into compliance with its needs, compared with the six to eight months that was originally anticipated.


Full360's mission is to help companies of all sizes benefit from business intelligence capabilities without having to plunk down a lot of cash that they might not have, said Rohit Amarnath, founder and CTO of Full360, which is based in New York.

When it comes to enterprise performance management (which Amarnath considers to be another element of business intelligence), Full360's services include System 7 and 9 migrations and "fixing botched implementations."

Here's some additional context from the company's background information:

"We were one of the first firms to push Essbase to the limits of what it could do in a global enterprise in the late '90s. This data warehouse and Essbase 'cube' factory, built for the global finance operations of Deutsche Bank, with 100s of incoming feeds and multi-dimensional cubes for analytics of every kind, is used globally by 1,000s of users. This system continues to be in operation today."

The company's list of partners includes Amazon Web Services, Hyperion, Jaspersoft, Oracle, Staranalytics and Vertica. It has an equally impressive list of customers hailing from financial services firms to airlines to gaming companies -- all of which have needed to scale their processing resources, quickly and flexibly. Those customers include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Quantas, Chubb, American Airlines, and Blackbaud.

Full360 is also one of the companies working with Amazon Redshift, the organization's new cloud-based columnar data warehouse offering.

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