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Quick quiz - no referring.1. Who said..."Well, its too early for other vendors to commit to this file format.
Written by Rupert Goodwins, Contributor

Quick quiz - no referring.

1. Who said...

"Well, its too early for other vendors to commit to this file format. After the BRM [Ballot Resolution Meeting - in February 2008] there may be changes to it, so it is risky, and may not make commercial sense to implement OpenXML as it is at the moment."

"Microsoft was careful not to compare the two [ODF and OpenXML], but the last few weeks before the vote (2nd September), the gloves came off"

"Office is a USD$10 billion revenue generator for the company. When ODF was made an ISO standard, Microsoft had to react quickly as certain governments have procurement policies which prefer ISO standards. Ecma and OASIS are "international standards", but ISO is the international "Gold Standard". Microsoft therefore had to rush this standard through. Its a simple matter of commercial interests"

2. Who said...

"This is really an issue of the pie expanding, We're creating what we think is a catalyst for a whole new generation of innovation that's going to benefit our customers."

3. Where can you find this?

“Office Open XML (is) the format showing the most progressive adoption rates in the marketplace over the next 12 months.”

OK, done?

1. Doug Mahugh, Office Open XML evangelist @ MS, as reported from TechEd SE Asia by Open Malaysia.

2. Tom Robertson, Microsoft general manager for interoperability and standards, as reported in SeattlePI.com

3. IDC study on document standards, as reported by Mary Jo Foley.

For a bonus mark, who sponsored the study? Well done!

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