Future of hypertension treatment: Simple, fast and beautiful

A new revolutionary cardiovascular development of treating hypertension, or high blood pressure, is offering a simple and fast catheter based procedure.
Written by Ina Muri, Weekend Editor

A new system can perform a one-time minimally invasive catheter-based per cutaneous procedure that has shown to significantly reduce blood pressure--in as little as 30 seconds.

This new technology, developed by Vessix Vascular, has the potential to help the one in three adults in the United States who suffer from hypertension-- a condition that is more common than cancer, diabetes and coronary artery disease combined.

Today, anti-hypertensive drugs are the primary treatment for hypertension. But despite the widespread use of drugs, only about half of hypertensive patients around the world are well controlled, even when multiple medications are taken at optimal dosages.

The V2 system performs a new procedural treatment called renal denervation, which Dr. Mehemet Oz has called "a profound game changer." It uses a short blast of radiofrequency (RF) energy to disable the nerves surrounding the arteries leading to the kidneys, treating one of the key physiological contributors to hypertension.

The V2 Catheter is a balloon catheter with a unique configuration of RF electrodes mounted on its exterior, which makes the procedure faster and safer. It delivers precise temperature controlled RF energy from the V2 RF Generator to both renal arteries in 60 seconds, while the only other competitively marketed Renal Denervation system takes 50-60 minutes.

The rapidity of the V2 treatment promises to reduce patient discomfort as well as exposure to radiation for both the patient and the interventional cardiologist performing the procedure.

Photo courtesy: Vessix Vascular

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