Gallery: MacBook Air Unboxing

Yesterday was a very happy day for me.I ordered a MacBook Air (stock 1.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Gallery: MacBook Air Unboxing
Yesterday was a very happy day for me.

I ordered a MacBook Air (stock 1.6GHz configuration) about 30 minutes after the Macworld Expo keynote address wrapped up. I received an email confirmation gave me a "ship by" date of February 6 and an "delivers by" date of Feb. 11. So much for two weeks I thought.

Much to my surprise I receive an email notification on January 29th informing me that my shipment Date was January 29, and that it would deliver by February 01. Oh, the joy!

Apple also provided a FedEx tracking number which I used to follow its progress on FedEx.com, setting up the requesite email notification at every step of the way (of course). The path went like this:

Jan 29, 2008 Picked up SHANGHAI CN Jan 30, 2008 Arrived/Departed ANCHORAGE, AK Jan 31, 2008 Arrived at FedEx INDIANAPOLIS, IN Jan 31, 2008 Delivered at 12:17 PM

Fully expecting to get it on Friday, I refreshed the tracking page Thursday morning to find out that my MacBook Air was on the truck for delivery yesterday (Thursday) - a day early. Another example of Apple under-promsing and over-delivering.

Last night I took a bunch of shots of the unboxing experience which you can enjoy in this gallery. (Captions will be coming soon, after I get some sleep...)

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